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The design of your website is absolutely crucial and very important. All businesses need a strong online presence and if you don’t have one, you’re missing out on hundreds of thousands of potential customers/clients. The web design for your business could determine whether your potential customer/client calls you up inquiring about your service/product, or they go to your competitors website and call them up simply because they have a more professional looking web design.

At Vern Web Design, we assure that you will receive a high quality, professional and engaging web design for your business. Your web design is developed carefully and precisely by the team at Vern Design that specialize in web design, web development, logo design, e-Commerce Solutions and search engine optimization (SEO).

At Vern Web Design, we understand that you may not have the capital to afford over priced, web designs that other web design companies charge which doesn’t necessarily guarantee you a glowing web design. We simply design higher quality web designs, for extremely low prices. You can assure yourself that at Vern Web Design, you will receive a cheap web design of the utmost quality in the industry.

Your web design is designed and developed after a detailed consultation with you to discuss your target market/niche and what you want to achieve with the web design. Once we have grasped a good idea of what you’re looking for, we will go ahead and design a demo website for your business. This is a unique, 100% customized web design that is engaging and will strike the eye of all your website visitors. Most importantly, it will be extremely user-friendly which is one of the most important elements of a website.

This is what you will get from the most trusted web design business in the market:

  • A 100% custom designed website design which creates a strong online presence for your company and provide users with an engaging website experience;
  • Ongoing support with every website we design and host for you;
  • A Content Management System (CMS) tailored to your individual needs which will enable complete control of your website’s content whenever you wish to;
  • Ongoing improvements to every website we design and host for you!

Content Management System (CMS)

The CMS is very important part of a website. More importantly, it allows business owners that don’t have any website knowledge to easily control their website’s content anytime, anywhere, whenever you wish! The CMS is very user-friendly, and this allows practically anyone to manage their website’s content easily. Multiple users can access the CMS on all internet browsers (Google Chrome, Safari, Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer etc).

Don’t Want To Do it Yourself?

That’s what we’re here for! Vern Web Design offers a great, helpful and cost effective option for our clients! For just $25 a month, we will manage and maintain your website. We will add/edit/delete any content you would like on your website whenever upon your request! Just simply email us the information you would like added to your website, and we will add it to your website! You don’t have to worry about having to maintain your website or add more information when you need to, just send us an email of what you need added to your website, and we’ll do it for you as soon as we receive your request!

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